Assignment 11 - Additional CSS Applications

How to Add Intro Titles with Adobe Premiere

YouTube contains many videos about various subjects, but not every video contains a title sequence at the beginning of the video. For example, you may view a highlight video from a sport that does not properly introduce the content. The description on the video's webpage may have some kind of introduction, but I prefer to add simple intros to videos before I upload them to YouTube.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to import a a video into Adobe Premiere, edit the video with titles in the introduction, and how to upload the video to YouTube with proper tagging.

To complete this tutorial, you will need the following:

Import the Video File into Adobe Premiere

Open Adobe Premiere and click New Project.

Open a New Project in Adobe Premiere

Figure 1 - Initial Adobe Premiere Prompt

Set a location to save your project files and name the project. I named this project Assignment 11.

Set a location for your files

Figure 2 - Set the file location and name the project.

Choose your video settings and name the sequence. I named the sequence Tutorial.

Choose your video settings

Figure 3 - Choose your video settings and name the sequence.

Click File, Import and browse to your video file.

Import the file

Figure 4 - Import the file.

You are now ready to add Titles to the video clip!

Add Titles to the Video Clip

Click and drag the video clip to the sequence.

Drag the clip to the sequence

Figure 5 - Drag the clip to the sequence.

Click Title, New Title, Default Roll. This Roll will scroll the text vertically.

Enter a name, such as Intro and click OK.

Add a title roll

Figure 6 - Add a title roll.

Enter the text that you want to appear in the title. I positioned the text below the middle of the title area so that the title will scroll up.

Enter text for the title

Figure 7 - Enter the text for the title.

Close the Title window and drag the title into the Tutorial sequence.

Drag the title to the sequence

Figure 8 - Drag the title to the sequence.

I would like to add another Title to this video after the Roll. I think a Still would look nice.

Click Title, New Title, Default Still.

Add a still title

Figure 9 - Add a still title.

Drag the Still and place it after the Title. If you want to increase or decrease the amount of time that the Titles display, place your cursor over the Title and click to drag the Title.

Set the length of each title

Figure 10 - Set the title lengths.

Drag the Titles and align them with the video clip.

Align the Titles with the clip

Figure 11 - Align the Titles with the clip.

Click File, Export and save the file.

Export and save the file

Figure 12 - Export and save the file.

Your video is now ready for upload to YouTube!

Upload the Video to YouTube

Log into YouTube and click Upload in the upper left corner of the website.

Click Select files from your computer and locate the video file that you edited in Adobe Premiere.

Select the file to upload

Figure 13 - Select the file.

Add the Title, Description, and Tags as your video uploads. After the upload completes, the video appears at the top of the page.

Add details about the video clip

Figure 14 - Add details about the video clip.

You have successfully edited and uploaded a video to YouTube!

View the edited video on YouTube!

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