Recording, Mixing, and Producing Music

Recording, Mixing, and Producing Overview

Have you ever wanted to learn how to record, mix, and produce music? The overall process can be quite overwhelming for beginners, so I created this guide to show you how to begin the journey. You will learn how to set up the equipment and software to add percussion loops, record instrument tracks, mix the tracks together, and produce the finished output. This course shows you how to use the Ubisoft Rocksmith Real Tone Cable to record guitar and bass with Adobe Audition. This cable is normally bundled with the video game, Rocksmith, but you can buy this cable separately (around $30 USD) and use the cable as a USB recording interface in popular audio software, such as Adobe Audition.


Note: Remember to set your speaker equalizer to neutral when you listen to playback. This neutral setting will help you mix the audio.



Capturing your instrument signal in the digital interface.



Modifying your captured input based on frequency and volume.



Exporting the mixed down song to a common audio format.


I recorded, mixed, and produced the following sample for this course: