Document Design

This area provides examples of how I designed documents with visual communication in mind. One of the most enjoyable aspects of these projects is how I was able to learn about incorporating multimedia into online presentations. For example, view my interactive project titled “The History of Progressive Rock.”


This interactive project will teach you about The History of Progressive Rock. It was my first attempt with using basic JavaScript to create a unique multimedia experience. Progressive rock/metal is my favorite music genre, and I wanted to present an interactive website that lets you view an image map with unique links to band pages and song samples.




I designed this MusiCloud Studios Brochure (PDF) about a potential company that would utilize video conferencing technology for musical education. MusiCloud Studios also has an podcast advertisement on YouTube.


Documentation Bookshelves and Scenarios


I designed this documentation bookshelf for CA AppLogic 3.7 because my team was looking for a way to present our new scenario-based content. I authored several of the How-To articles and set up the product’s YouTube channel.


I created this documentation bookshelf for CA OPS/MVS Event Management and Automation Release 12.1. The next release of the product will have scenario-based content and articles, as well as an updated bookshelf homepage.