About Me


Principal Technical Writer and Content Strategist

My goal in college was to become a technical writer. During my undergraduate studies, I interned as a web designer and web content editor at the New Jersey Network, and then I also interned as a technical writer at CA Technologies. Prior to completing my undergraduate degree, I also spent some time working with a civil engineering firm that contracted with the Port Authority of NY/NJ. After I completed my degree in Professional and Technical Communication, I became a full-time Technical Writer at CA. I also completed my Master of Science degree in Professional and Technical Communication (MSPTC) from NJIT in 2013.

Fast-forwarding about 12 years from the beginning of my journey, I am now a Content Strategist and Principal Technical Writer. In 2017, I decided to move from central New Jersey to Plano, Texas.

I love to write, whether I am blogging, creating a procedure, or starting a script for a new video tutorial. I do not know exactly why I became a technical writer…maybe it is because I enjoy telling people what to do? 🙂 My love of writing evolved into Content Strategy, which establishes writing guidelines at a higher level. I enjoy both roles because it lets me work with all levels of my organization. I have been working on some interesting products for CA, and I enjoy my career immensely. I work with a great group of people for a great company.

Perhaps you use some of these products in your enterprise environment:

  • CA Mainframe Operational Intelligence
  • CA OPS/MVS Event Management and Automation
  • CA NetMaster
  • CA Patch Management
  • CA Asset Intelligence
  • CA Clarity PPM
  • CA Service Desk Manager
  • CA AppLogic
  • CA MICS Resource Management
  • CA Output Management Web Viewer
  • Mainframe Team Center – Content Viewr
  • Mainframe Team Center – Network Management

I also have several hobbies to keep life interesting. Music is my biggest passion, and I play the piano, guitar, bass, and drums. I also enjoy cooking and trying out new recipes, or making them up along the way. On some weekends, I may even do some trap shooting.

Mountain view