Specialized Expertise


View my research about Musicians and Aesthetic Sensitivity to Music Based on Level of Training (PDF). Music is one of my favorite hobbies, and I realized that I tend to prefer listening to more complex styles of music, due to my advanced levels of training, such as in piano and the guitar. This research project interviewed musicians of various levels to learn if their levels had an impact on the music they prefer to listen during leisure.

View my presentation titled Environmental and Economic Impacts of Reducing Diesel Emissions. Fortunately, engineering advancements have been made in diesel engines in the past few years to reduce harm to the environment. This Environmental and Economic Impacts of Reducing Diesel Emissions (PDF) accompanies the presentation. These examples provide information related to communication about resolving environmental problems.

In Technology in American Education: The Philosophical Implications of Complementing Success in Interactive, Online Learning (PDF), I advocate the increased adoption of online learning by modern educational institutions to complement student technical abilities. This adoption may help ensure that these institutions better prepare students for academic success in higher education.



Overall, my specialized expertise includes professional technical writing and editing. I am comfortable with using technology to achieve my academic and professional goals. For example, I am an advanced user in various image, audio, and video software suites. I do not shy away from any technological challenges because thankfully, there are many technical communicators (both amateur and professional) that can help you learn any of these technologies. When it comes to image and video editing, I rely on trial and error, but like Thomas Edison said, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

For technical writing, I rely on collaboration with my product teams as we develop new products and content through an agile development process. As these new products are being released, I will update my portfolio with more examples of the product documentation that I authored.