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Designing Documents

When I design a document, I envision the end-user experience. I ask myself the following questions: What does the user need to know? Why does the user need to know this information? What is the role or job function of the user? How will the user find this information? There are many ways to deliver documentation. The traditional model involves large guides that a user can download and search, but the latest trends demand searchable content through popular search engines. […]

Welcome to My New Portfolio!

As I complete my Master of Science degree in Professional and Technical Communication from NJIT, I am finalizing this portfolio with both academic and professional examples. I am a Senior Technical Writer at CA Technologies, based out of the Ewing, NJ office, but you can read all about me here. I want to use this ePortfolio to discuss my experiences as a technical writer in an ever-changing industry, but at the same time, I want to show that I have […]