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New STC Awards for Technical Documentation!

I received two Society for Technical Communication (STC) awards this year! STC Award for Installation Content My CA Mainframe Operational Intelligence installation content┬áreceived an STC Award of Excellence. This product requires a complex mainframe environment, so the content strategy provides a phased approach. Customers might have different roles at varying stages of the installation, so I want them to understand each phase correctly. First, you set up your environment prerequisites, like a “site prep.” Second, you go through the main […]

How I Write and Edit Technical Documentation

I have extensive experience in both writing from scratch or editing existing content. When I write content from scratch, I take a deeper dive into the audience analysis. I want to know the what, how, and why. It lets me understand the role and I can create the appropriate content for that user. I also validate the content as much as possible. In the process of validating content, you will discover ways of improving your products! Creating or editing The […]