Technical Writing Manager, Information Architect, and Content Strategist
Technical Writing Manager, Information Architect, and Content Strategist

New STC Awards for Technical Documentation!

I received two Society for Technical Communication (STC) awards this year!

STC Award for Installation Content

My CA Mainframe Operational Intelligence installation content received an STC Award of Excellence. This product requires a complex mainframe environment, so the content strategy provides a phased approach. Customers might have different roles at varying stages of the installation, so I want them to understand each phase correctly.

First, you set up your environment prerequisites, like a “site prep.” Second, you go through the main appliance installation. Finally, you connect your supported product data feeds and you let machine learning go to town on that data!

I wanted to provide an “A to Z” approach for this content; a one-stop shop.

STC Award for API Reference

My Mainframe Team Center – Content Viewer API Reference received another STC award. API developers want good documentation, so I delivered! The content strategy had several goals:

  • Provide use cases that address the why
  • Provide plenty of examples
  • Use Swagger to create elegant API documentation


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