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A few reasons why technical writing is important

Technical writers provide clear and concise documentation for complex technical products and concepts.┬áHere are a few reasons why technical writing is important, both in terms of business value and addressing customer needs: Improves product adoption: Technical writing helps customers understand and effectively use the technical products they’ve purchased. By providing clear and concise documentation, technical writers can help customers get the most value from their products and reduce the need for customer support. This leads to increased customer satisfaction and […]

Using GitHub as a Technical Writer

GitHub provides a wonderful avenue for technical writers, in addition to developers. I have used GitHub internally with my company for quite a while, and it lets me track my project for any documentation issues. I like going through the email updates to see what has changed which could affect the documentation. Our documentation is sourced in a separate CMS, but I understand the GitHub workflow perfectly. Recently, I decided that I want to also utilize my skills to help […]

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Writing API Documentation for Developers

Who is the API Documentation Audience? When you write API documentation, you write for the API developer. When it comes to API documentation, developers focus on two things: What requests look like (you want the server to understand it) What responses look like (you want to make sense of the data) Supposed that my endpoint is located here: https://hostname:port/base/movies Simple Request I want to get a list of movies, so how do I get this result? GET /movies Simple Response […]

New STC Awards for Technical Documentation!

I received two Society for Technical Communication (STC) awards this year! STC Award for Installation Content My CA Mainframe Operational Intelligence installation content┬áreceived an STC Award of Excellence. This product requires a complex mainframe environment, so the content strategy provides a phased approach. Customers might have different roles at varying stages of the installation, so I want them to understand each phase correctly. First, you set up your environment prerequisites, like a “site prep.” Second, you go through the main […]


STC Award of Merit!

I received an STC Award of Merit for my design of the CA OM WebViewer Release 12.1.00 Bookshelf! One of the goals of the release was to improve documentation navigation, and I applied some strategies from a previous project to change the layout of the bookshelf. I also focused on several new articles about deploying and configuring the product, based on the various scenarios that customers may have in their environment. I feel honored to receive the award and to […]